Rags to Riches
How Beauty Icons Made It Big

by Karen Pudetti

Order ten copies of Rags to Riches: How Beauty Icons Made It Big
By Karen Pudetti, and get an autographed copy of the book from Karen included in the bundle!
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Rags to Riches: How Beauty Icons Made It Big
By Karen Pudetti

What you’ll learn

  • How to use your key skills to your advantage
  • ​How to shape your business to success
  • ​Cut the fluff, trim the fat – learn what you can eliminate from your growing business
  • ​Discover hidden opportunities that can save you money and generate more income
  • ​Find out the most effective strategies to increase your clientele and keep them coming back for more
  • ​How to get your staff to buy into your vision so you can reduce turnover
  • ​Understand the tools you need to reach your goals
  • ​Learn what you need for your brand so you can expand your business and your talents
  • ​Improve how you communicate with people around your business
  • ​Discover how millionaires achieve success by having a money mindset and overcoming money blocks
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